Lisa's Laundry Land  
1720 14th Street Two Rivers, WI 54241

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About Us
Lisa's Laundry Land has been in business for over 15 years.  The owners have grown the business with the community.  Inside you will find antique washing machines and wash boards.  A collection we are especially fond of.  The owner says, "My mother used to tell us stories about how she helped her mother do laundry when she was a little girl.  Back then they had to boil the clothes in large tubs in the backyard.  Then they would transfer the clothes to the rinse water and then ring them out and finally hang them on the line to dry.  It is amazing that the same amount of clothing can be done in our laundromat in less then an hour with very little effort.  My mother loves to do her laundry at Lisa's.  She appreciate the ADVANCED Technology of today's equipment compared to the machines of yesterday. 

Managed by:
Tom and Pam Simac

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