Lisa's Laundry Land  
1720 14th Street Two Rivers, WI 54241

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Lisa's Laundry Land uses filtered water in all of our washing machines to ensure a better clean for your clothes. 
Along with our standard machines we also have large capacity machines for extra large items such as quilts, or for larger wash loads which decreases your time and costs for doing laundry. 
See the example below for a comparison based on an average family of four.

  • Filtered Water
  • Large Capacity Machines
  • Eco Friendly
  • Reduced Time
  • Excellent Value

Home Laundry                                            Lisa's Laundry Land

60lbs of laundry = 6 loads                          60lbs of Laundry = 2 Loads
6 loads at 1 hour each = 6 hours                2 Loads washed at the same time = 1 hour 
Cost of water and electricity = $15             Cost = $9.50

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